Dear all Mt5 Member!!

I am trading in Forex market since 2008. I wants to start Forex Currency Trading Signals for all trader at trial basis according to my experience. My signals are easy to understand and much more profitable.

If you are interested then reply my thread with 2 lines comments.

I will enter my first signal at 25 September 2014 at +5 GMT Time.

Rules for Signals:

1. I will post the position of all major currencies i.e. like BUY (EUR/USD) or SELL (USD/CHF) etc at or after some minutes +5GMT Time.

2. You will immediately enter your position in the same direction with low lot size according to your capital balance. i.e. from 0.01 lot size to 0.10 lot size.

3. There will be no TP and SL set / use for my trading signals, when all the pairs total reached 100 pips are above in profit then you will close all the order immediately and this will be your profit for today. Sometime my signal profit cross 300 pips at daily basis, but for secure trading you will follow the 100 pips rules.

My minimum daily target is 100 Pips.

Don't be confuse or upset if your position cross -100 pips. It will must touch the +100 pips once in a day.